I’m a non-disciplinary researcher and artist living on Gabriola Island, Canada.  I earned my research degrees in Anthropology (M.A.) and Media Philosophy (Ph.D., European Graduate School). Much of my research has integrated artistic practice as a means to share and explore everyday life, space/place, culture, ecology and theoretical ideas. It's in the creative process of doing research where I incorporate both art and social science: whether it's photography and video documentation, using poetry to present research, or developing concepts and theory through artistic play and discovery, or creating community dialogue through social practice and community engagement initiatives. I do not see the two worlds as separate endeavours. This includes exploring the potentials for artistic inquiry in developing experimental pedagogical opportunities, particularly in a broader dialogue with the ecological field site. I often refer to my process as that which follows a mythodological practice—I create as I go. A mythodological practice understands both social science and art as a creative endeavour. I do not adhere to a set of procedures and methods that determine how I should interact and engage with a particular environment. As a mythodological artist/researcher I’m interested in experimenting with wild ideas and embracing uncertainties, while rejecting notions of methodological rigor. The process is personal and reveals itself through various emergent and relational dimensions both on site and in practice.

As both an artist and researcher I’m interested in the inter-related layers and relational dimensions of any given space/place—rural/urban, ecological environment, labour/economy, social, political, personal, communal, and ethical.